Production Analysis

Eventually I think that my work overall has turned out quite well with some good work. My character work and collaboration work are definitely my strongest modules as I think that the title sequence although in the style I planned (quite successful in this respect), I don’t think the look is as professional as it could have been. I am especially pleased with my collaboration work as it is in a style that I hadn’t explored before and the finished images turned out to be very successful within the animation they were designed for and also as standalone images. The character work developed well into well realised characters and again explored a style I hadn’t used before so I am happy with how I have adapted to different styles in this project.
The biggest change I would make if I did the project again would be to do more pre-production work sooner as I spent most of the project doing this leaving the production work suffer a little. I definitely hit a bit of a wall in the early stages of my final major project. Although I tried to use different styles throughout my work, in future I will make sure that the style choice is fully realised before I go ahead and incorporate my project around it, I think that this is where my title sequence work could have developed much further and become more professional looking and hence more successful.
I learned quite a lot throughout this project regarding how to develop character. Before this project and in the early stages of this project I would try and design a character purely concentrating on the look without much thought for the character of the character. I would design all of my characters straight on trying to put down as many images as possible hoping that one of them would stand out. I learned to think about how the character; how they would stand, act and all of their unique qualities that make up their character and would then develop these qualities and how to show them.
In future projects I would like to take what I’ve learned further in that how I can make my character work more unique by implementing qualities that characterise my work and make them more appealing. I’d like to create some in situation images that tell a story in themselves and add to the overall character of the story and characters. Also I would take these ideas into my background work and concept art focusing on how to give a background character rather than just creating a backdrop that looks pretty.
One other thing I will take into future projects is to constantly revitalise my mind by looking more and more for things to inspire me stay enthused and inspired throughout the project and not loose interest or hit a dead end.

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