Temple - Collab

Here's some more collaboration work I did for Darren Findlay.......again for his final student film. Two versions.....I think I like the second one more although I will probably do it again as the style isn't quite there.

Collab for mr. rhys byfield

This is part of a background I am doing in collaboration with Rhys Byfield for his final student film. He's designing the backgrounds and I will be colouring them for him. This is unfinished and is actually part of a much bigger image so doesn't have the finished lighting yet but I thought I'd upload it to see what people thought.

I uploaded two versions because we were unsure whether to keep the line on or lose it altogether. above is the one without which I personally prefer and below is the one with Rhys' lovely line.

Some Airships

some airship designs for my steampunk project, I kinday like these....will develop them further anyhow.

More Rough Backgrounds

here's some more rough concepts for my steampunk themed project, again just rough work to develop.

Character Styles

A few character ideas that I'm developing and trying to find new ways of shading/colouring.


completely forgot to add these thumbs for backgrounds for my university project.

concept ideas

I know they're similar but I'm just trying to get the tonal balance right.