Final Characters - line up

I realize I haven't updated this blog much with character work and thats basically down to the fact that I just wasn't feeling it......but here they are lined up and partially shaded......turned out ok I think.

Eh Hem...this is the Final Temple Background

same background but had some colour correcting so that it matched the other backgrounds and added a little more texture to the sky.

Mia - Japanese Environment

well I did a couple more things to this environment....hopefully for the better. This environment is for a character called Mia from the film idea I have been developing an art of book for in uni. Because of how long backgrounds like this take I had to simplify the others leaving this one looking completely out of style but hopefully it's a nice enough background that it sits well on its own.

Polynesian Character Designs

Some designs for the Polynesian character in my story.....he will have tattoo's eventually but these were mainly to see if I liked the proportions and colour of the character......still not sure about this character...............yes the right peck is small.

Got a Bit Carried Away

I decided to finish working on this Background image today as I realized it was taking me an awful long time and it wasn't even in a style that I wanted my work to be in.....just got carried away with adding details. the mountains are still not finished and possibly the composition of the far right tree should change but I decided that I should move on and finish this at a later date if I have the time.

Town - Collab with Rhys

This is a second or third attempt at a background for Rhys Byfield's animated film.....still not completely sure on colours....may change again I feel.

Final Temple Background!!

Yet another version of the Temple background from Darren's film.....this is the final look that he is going for which is great. Glad we kept going with the style as I think that this is a vast improvement over the other Temple designs.